Diversity House St. Petersburg opens in new location

18 Jun 2018

The Saint Petersburg Diversity House has opened in a new location having been forced to close last Thursday (June 14).

The Saint Petersburg Diversity House opened in a new location over the weekend having been forced to close last Thursday (14th June).

The House is now operating at Berghold space, Grazhdanskaya ulitsa 13-15. The House is run by Fare and the Cup for People project.

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“Local groups and activists did an amazing job by finding a new venue and spending two days moving and making preparations to re-open. We salute their spirit and dedication to the cause of diversity and anti-discrimination” said Piara Powar of Fare. 

He continued, “If you are a fan in St. Petersburg for a game we urge you to visit the House, take a look at the exhibition and get involved in the activities.” 

The House was shuttered on Thursday 14 June on the eve of opening following the withdrawal of permission from the building ownership.

Both St. Petersburg and Moscow Diversity Houses are open spaces aimed at celebrating diversity in football and Russia during the World Cup. They include an exhibition, meetings and events, fan exchanges, match viewings and a safe space for minorities. Moscow Diversity House remains uninterrupted and has held events every day since opening.

Both Houses will be open until the end of the tournament. 

Visit for further details and a full programme of events in St. Petersburg.